The Talking Forest Runes
Front Cover of The Talking Forest, © 2022

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This illustrated book contains a fascinating study of trees — their biology, history and mythology. In addition, we compare and discuss other divination systems such as the Norse Futhark and the Celtic Ogham. Included are templates to create your own personal set of runes and three unique methods of reading devised by the author.

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From Matt McEvoy, writer and Reviewer from London, UK:

 ...a beautiful book and a good quality, hard-grafted project....No effort is spared in her research, and the sources are well referenced ...The runes themselves are also quite lovely…Kay is a superb writer, and the information is imparted eloquently and articulately." Read his full review here.

From The Prairies Book Review:

 "...user-friendly and fun-to-read debut...This beautiful work that's both comprehensive and rests firmly on a solid foundation of knowledge..."   See their full review here. 

 From BookView Books: 

"an innovative runic array that beautifully captures the image and character of Canada's majestic native trees...Meticulously crafted and fascinating, the book serves as an excellent guide for those wishing to understand and utilize tree runes. A definite winner."  Full review here. 

And just recently Matthew Novak wrote the following five star review for The Book Commentary site:

"...a powerful testament that trees do really talk, nourish, and guide us...The haunting beauty of this book and its spiritual resonances and clarity will have readers in awe; it is as immersive as it is informational." You can peruse his full review here.

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Excerpts from The Talking Forest

Here are some samples of the fascinating folklore and history of the trees to be found in this engaging study of an exciting new array.

Talking Forest Evergreen © 2009, Kay Broome

Excerpt from the chapter "Evergreen" from the Talking Forest

Kenning: Sanctuary, Shelter Significance: Peace, Tranquility, Sleep
The silent evergreens stand guardian in the winter: dark beacons in the white wilderness. When all else is gone, they remain. Overlooked most of the year, Spruce and Fir possess the winter landscape. Hidden within their silence, birds, squirrels and other small animals sleep in safety, perhaps dreaming of the spring to come. Evergreen cones also sleep, closed against the north wind; each scale folded like a blanket over its single treasured seed. There is no artifice about the evergreens: solid, unlovely, unblossomed, unadorned, yet beautiful in their austerity, like the snow-covered world that is their domain....
Within their dense branches, Spruce and Fir offer safety for creatures needing protection from winter's extreme weather. The Evergreen rune thus deals with peace and repose, as well as sanctuary from the excesses of day-to-day living. This rune also represents sleep, for it too is a type sanctuary.

Talking Forest Beech © 2009, Kay Broome

Excerpt from the chapter "Beech" from the Talking Forest

Kenning: Mother, Book Significance: Teacher, Mentor
When you stand beneath Beech, the immense branches barely clear your head. Beech exudes a comforting motherly aura and was made for children of all ages to climb. With her smooth, luminous grey bark and profound shade, Beech calls us to our primal, simian home.
Like any decent mother, Beech has made it her duty to educate her human children. In ancient times, messages and poems were etched upon her smooth trunk, much like a chalkboard. Her pale-coloured wood, easy to work with, was likely the first upon which magical runes were etched and was certainly the first shaped into books. The tree's very name in German, buche, is virtually the same as that for "book" — buch....
Where Birch, the Maiden, deals with learning, Mother Beech represents instruction and mentoring. This is the tree of teaching and memory. More than any other winter silhouette, the naked branches of beech in winter recall the grooves of the human brain.

Talking Forest Sumac © 2009, Kay Broome

Excerpt from the chapter "Sumac" from the Talking Forest

Kenning: Horned God Significance: Wilderness, the Natural World
Sumac's phallic pods proclaim this a masculine tree. October and November, when the fruit is fully ripened and the leaves have turned, is Sumac's time of greatest power. These are the months of the Hunter's Moon, when men traditionally took the first of their winter treks to hunt large game as food to sustain the tribe... Gods appropriate to this tree are Pan, the protector of wild creatures, Herne the Hunter and Cernunnos, a Celtic horned god worshipped both as god of fertility and of the Underworld — life and death held in balance...
People of ancient times paid tribute to the animals they ate and used as livestock by attributing to their gods the physical and emotional qualities of domestic and game animals. Hence cow-headed Hathor, goat-footed Pan and the antlered Cernunnos, among many others. The respect First Nations people had for the animals they hunted is well known. Food animals such as bison, deer, turkey and salmon were regarded as mighty totems...