The Talking Forest Runes
Photo of author with Maples, 2021, Kay Broome

Kay Broome

Author — the Talking Forest: Tree Runes for a New Millennium

Communing with the trees of our woodlands is very challenging yet rewarding work. I find living on the edge of Ontario's Boreal and Carolinian forests with their wealth of tree species to be a very fortunate state of affairs.

This is my first book. Subsequent works will further explore the species represented in the Talking Forest, along with other trees supplemental to this novel array.

The Origins of the Talking Forest

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I have always had an abiding love of trees. I grew up on a farm in southern Ontario and have lived most of my life in Toronto, with a five year sojourn in Vancouver. Both cities are graced with a multitude of parks, ravines and waterways. After years of unsuccessfully seeking a divination system that would evoke the mystery and allure of these mighty denizens of Earth, I realized I would need to create my own system. The Talking Forest runes are the result of more than a decade and a half of hard work. I hope that this array mirrors some of the magnificence of these guardians of our world.

The notion to create a new runic system based on trees germinated during a pagan ritual I attended most likely in spring or early summer of 2000 or 2001. The priestess led a lively circle based on the connectivity between humans and other species. During the ritual, she discussed various ways of becoming more attuned to the natural world around us. Among other things, she mentioned creating a tarot deck or other divination system based on animals, plants or other aspects of nature that profoundly appealed to us. This suggestion remained stuck in my subconscious.

Later, when I found no oracle that could convey the fascination and mystery I felt while communing with our local trees, I came to the realization that I would have to create my own array. The Talking Forest — runes and book — are the end result.

I've recently done an interview regarding The Talking Forest with BookView Review and hope you enjoy it.

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